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Shankar Rao Apr 29 '13
What to do after diploma in mechanical engineering? I am going to complete my diploma in this year. Me and my friends are much worried about options that we have after completing diploma in mechanical engineering.

Can you guys please suggest which are the best options after doing diploma in mechanical? I am from India. Should i start working on some job or should i carry on with further higher education? I think all engineer friends on this website who are from India will help me. Thank you.
First, Thank you for trusting me to give you some suggestion :). I'm from Philippines and I'm going to be 2nd year this June. That's everyone question, but for me I will take first board exam and if I pass I go for a job first in order to gain experiences should every engineer has. Save money for my needs and my family needs because I want a stable life :). After 1 or 2 years I will take either other Engineering courses or MS courses for Mechanical Engineering :). and continue as long as I can do. That's all I can suggest to you pal.

  Remember, Experiences neither can be sold or buy. They are very important to our daily LIFE. Education is for everyone and lastly EDUCATION IS LIFE ITSELF. :)

ScyPunk May 1 '13
I will share with you my own experience.

I had that very same question during my last year of undergrad. I also asked around, saw the pro and cons of the situation, thought about it for a while and finally made a decision. my reasoning was as follows.

I love learning, i enjoy it and will do it for the rest of my life, but as you can imagine, one day I will have to work. unless I want to live the rest of my life as an "i am always broke" student (which I don't), so as much as i love learning,money is also important, and the only way to get it is by working.  So eventually I will have to work, there is no doubt about it, the real question is WHEN.  (if you don't have to worry about money, then just keep studying, it is much easier and less stressing than working)

now, as you might have realized by now, you've learned a lot of thing during your undergrad, because as mechanical we learned a bit everything. but you havent leaned anything specific yet. putting it simple  you have learned a little about,
1. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing
2. Mechanics - controls
3. Thermo-Fluids

what I felt, is that during my undergrad I was exposed to the surface of those three fields, but never had the chance to get deep into them. and when i say deep, i am not taking about reading textbooks or taking more classes related those areas, which of course is good, but not enough.  I am talking about research.
Research is an invaluable way to learn, and gain experience, and it is even better when it is assigned to you by a professor adviser. plus, research gives you some insight into actual working, because it is very similar to what engineer do while working in companies.

following the above messy line of thinking, I decided to do a master, and I do not regret. If after I finish it, i  decide to work, MS is useful, i will get paid more and will get better jobs. and if I decide to keep studying... well

I am thinking about it now. if I proceed to PhD, then I will work as a researcher after i finish it for sure, and then retired when i get old and work as professor at the university.  From what my professors and adviser have told me, it's a nice life, and becomes more relaxing as you get experience.

My adviser professor worked for 20 years as researcher after his Phd, then retired and   right now works as a professor,  he has around 40 students, 5 laboratories, and does research for some national and private companies.(actually we, his students, do the research, he just  tell us what to research and do experiments about, checks our results, and talks to the companies) he is rich as hell, and he is only getting richer. he seems quite happy.

So I what I am saying is, Do a master. it is faster and easier than undergrad, and you will get better jobs after your finish it. and if money is an issue for you right now, just endure for two more years, because after the master you will recover the money that you could have earned working with just an undergrad degree and more!
Doing master is fun, you meet a lot of people, hear experiences from other master or PhD students who have worked before, and have a more relaxing life than workers.

Keep studying mate, education is the key to solve everything.

ScyPunk May 1 '13
Holy crap, I didn't realized I wrote that much. hope you find it useful.
Krista Rich May 1 '13
Do i need to say any more here? These guys have already helped you the best. @ScyPunk i am really impressed the way you have helped this friend. There can be no better explanation to this question. I hope @Shankar Rao will continue with his education after diploma in mechanical engineering.
ScyPunk May 1 '13
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@ScyPunk , I really like your suggestion :).  It also helps me and give me an insight of what I will do after my undergrad course. :)

Rustom Chakma May 5 '13
well..........after completing a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering....u got a lotz of options 4 specialisation ..like automobile,aerospace,Industrial,material,production,Robotics.....itz fun

ScyPunk May 12 '13
I am glad to be of help.
MY pleasure
Quote from Jaime Sunico Adante @ScyPunk , I really like your suggestion :).  It also helps me and give me an insight of what I will do after my undergrad course. :)