Lowest cost of mini projects in mechanical engineering | Questions

Alee Saeed Jan 3 '13
Dear friends i am interested in doing a low cost mechanical engineering mini project. I have no sponsor for carrying out a mini project so please suggest me some ideas which will cost me less money. I have to submit project report during start of next semester. I will be very thankful to you for your help.
Jazib Saeed Khan Jan 5 '13
Hey bro i can suggest you many mini project ideas for mechanical engineering which are low cost and which will help you understand basic concepts of engineering. I can help you in a more better way if you will tell me area of your interest in mechanical engineering in which you want to carry out your project. Here are few lowest cost mini projects for you:

1. Design a Helio Tracker: A helio tracker is a sun tracking device which detects current position of sun and then turns with the sun. This device is widely used in solar energy applications and products. Scientists and engineers are working on increasing the efficieny of this device. This can be a best mini project idea for you :)

2. Design smart shock absorber: Don't go for manufacturing. Just simply design and do analysis on smart shock absorbers for a car.

3. Design a curtain mover: If you are interested in subjects related to design and analysis then this can be a good low cost mini project idea for you.
udhayakumar.s Mar 4 '13
My dear friend:) don get panic about mini projects try to pry ur lecturer to get small ideas or pls surf international journals in specific areas do u lik.. Most probably research projects r very easy and it's cost very minimum oly...lik ash recyclin and mould sand property increasin tis kind of projects r effective too