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Shyam Konthala Dec 30 '12
Computer course like AUTO-CAD how many other computer courses are available or necessary for mechanical engineers? And please tell me their applications too.
Jazib Saeed Khan Jan 5 '13
Hello Shyam, that's a pretty good question. Just as computers have revolutionized every single field/industry of life so they have also changed the way engineers work on different projects. If you want to be a perfect next generation mechanical engineer then you need to be an expert in computers and different programs.

We cannot say with certainty that which computer courses or programs are best for mechanical engineers. But most common programs/software for mechanical engineers are Auto CAD, Pro Engineer, CATIA, Solidworks, DEFORM, unigraphics, Solid Edge, ANSYS, Inventor, Hypermesh and IDEAS etc.

I think all of these programs are very necessary and important for all mechanical engineers. You must know when and how to use which program for what application? You need to know basics of all these modern day software for mechanical engineers.
Ayesha Iqbaal Jan 8 '13
Yes computer software like CATIA, Pro Engineer, Auto CAD are a must know for all mechanical engineers. These three software which i mentioned here are the best for designing purposes. There is a lot to learn in these programs. For example Pro Engineer is so vast that it also generates codes for manufacturing and you can make animations of your product and you can also carry out cost analysis in this software.

Then there is another software which is very helpful for analysis of all kind. This software is ANSYS. There are different modules/products of it like ANSYS CFX, workbench, Fluent etc :)

udhayakumar.s Feb 9 '13
hi friend. Lot of computer course available for mechanical engineer but if u really hav a interestin to join a modelin or other analysis course pick one smart course wat u really hav feature about tat.. Otherwise don waste money for tat kind of course because most of my friends volunteerly took some course and now they are not attend the make ur time schedule first:)