How much do nuclear engineers make? | Forum

Shruti Kulkarni Nov 30 '14
How much do nuclear engineers make? How much do they earn and what kind of jobs are they selected for? Someone in my friends' circle wants to know about this field. Not many people know a lot about nuclear engineering. Can a nuclear engineer from India work in foreign nuclear companies? Is it possible or allowed under law? Just need all this basic info about salary, earning and work description of a nuclear engineer.
Jazib Saeed Khan Nov 30 '14
If someone wants to do Nuclear Engineering, then focus should not be on money and all that. We need to fix our focus. Why every student is interested in knowing how much will he/she earn after graduation? If we keep our focus on education instead of money/salary in future, it will be much better for career.

You need not to worry about per month earnings or salary of a nuclear engineer. Most of the nuclear engineers work on very sensitive projects and nuclear installations. Of course they are paid the desired money for this.

Nuclear engineering is not a subject for all. Only those who have interest in this particular area of study, should join this course. Because there are very limited jobs in this sector.
Sarah White Jan 31
Nuclear engineers generate good salaries all over the world with lots of security clearance processes.