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Do grades or CGPA really matter for engineering students? How much CGPA on average is good or required for a better job in future? These are different and mostly asked questions by engineering students about grades or CGPA. It goes a common saying during the college life that those getting higher GPA’s are deemed to get the best jobs right after graduation and with Steve Job’s statement of ‘Be nice to nerds, you might end up working for one’ adds more spark to the argument.

Study, study and just study is what everyone is told of during the whole tenure of engineering degree to the students. Many universities cut off their student’s social activities, intra university groups and sports, just for the fact that they do not deviate from the path they are supposed to adopt. There remains no doubt that studies remain an integral part of a student’s curriculum, with engineering being a filed requiring high level of observance and a purview requiring students to think out of the box for solution of complex problems. Education makes a person well versed with knowledge of subject, academics, formative effect of mind and physical ability of an individual.

However, Engineering clearly needs knowledge beyond the scope of books to a great extent, which a four-sided classroom may not be able to provide. While studying this domain, one has to have a horizon of how things happen to be in real world and simulation of the effect can be observed clearly with social activities happening around them. Education undoubtedly makes a person well versed with knowledge of subject, academics, formative effect of mind and physical ability of an individual.

Do grades or CGPA really matter for engineering students? It depends on what you want to do in future after completing your engineering degree. Do you want to do a job or do you wish to continue education? It continues to be a common myth over the years that higher the GPA you get out of college, a higher salary job will be looking your way. The statement is clearly misleading and should not be made a rule of thumb under any circumstance whatsoever. A good GPA does come in as criteria for initial screening at interviews where the recruitment managers get a number of resume from where they need to choose student to avoid the entry of a slouch personnel but there a number of other factors that constitute to your selection. Even if you are not good at scoring high Grade Point Average, and consider yourself to be a practical person fully equipped with pragmatic skills and an attractive work/internship experience, you can knock down your opponent and overshadow his chance of clinching the gold. GPA does come into account with a large extent while an undergraduate student applies for high education. Due to the ample amount of applications that graduate universities receive throughout the year from around the globe, usually a GPA cut off is made and a threshold is marked as an entry criteria. Even that could be beaten with the conditions of extracurricular excellence being at the top notch level.

A large number of industries do not bother to look at a student’s GPA or even their transcripts if the candidate is able to clear their assessment skills test and screening interview. With that being said, it is prudent to note that your educational institute’s label does count into account if your GPA score is not high along with projects and coursework assignments. It must be noted down that regardless of the job market, securing a GPA and concentrating on studies should always be a top priority for every student irrespective of what field he chose to adopt.
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What are Hydrogen fuel cell cars/vehicles? Hydrogen can be used to power vehicles in two ways. It can be burned using a hydrogen internal combustion engine (sometimes called an H2ICE), which is basically a modified gasoline engine. It can also be used in a fuel cell.

Unlike a traditional car engine, a fuel cell does not burn fuel and has few moving parts. Inside the fuel cell, a chemical reaction takes place that converts the chemical energy of a fuel into electricity. Fuel cells are a little bit like batteries, except that you never have to charge them. To keep them operating, all you do is provide a constant supply of fuel. For automobiles, that fuel is hydrogen.

Fuel cell cars can be refueled in about 5 minutes, just like today's cars. And just like a common hybrid, the fuel cell car stores energy captured during braking and deceleration in a battery to improve efficiency.

Hydrogen fuel cell

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are zero emission and run on compressed hydrogen fed into a fuel cell "stack" that produces electricity to power the vehicle. A fuel cell can be used in combination with an electric motor to drive a vehicle – quietly, powerfully and cleanly.

How It Works

An individual fuel cell consists of two electrodes, one positively charged (cathode) and one negatively charged (anode), with a substance that conducts electricity (electrolyte) sandwiched between them. Oxygen from the air passes over the cathode and hydrogen over the anode, generating electricity and water. The hydrogen fuel for a fuel cell electric vehicle can be supplied in several ways. Most vehicles carry a tank of pure hydrogen. Individual fuel cells must be combined into groups called fuel cell stacks in order to achieve the necessary power required for motor vehicle applications.


Most automakers have placed fuel cell vehicles with customers, and many plan to introduce fuel cell vehicles to the early commercial market around 2015. Transit agencies have been operating fuel cell buses in revenue service and are moving to next-generation technology. Customers have been fueling at private, fleet demonstration stations, and are awaiting a retail-ready network.


Since fuel cells and hydrogen fueling infrastructure are in the early stages of development, the cost of both the vehicles and the fuel are quite high. However, when fuel cell vehicles hit the showrooms and the fueling infrastructure is in place to meet the demand, the cost of both the fuel and the vehicles will be comparable to their gasoline counterparts.


Hydrogen fuel cell cars are eligible in California for single-occupant HOV lane use .


Currently, there are over 25 research, public and private hydrogen fueling stations operating in California with several more in the planning or development stages. Below are some resources for finding fueling stations for hydrogen fuel cell cars.


Hydrogen fuel cell cars are quiet, very energy efficient, have zero emissions and have equivalent range and performance as their gasoline counterparts.


When operating directly with hydrogen, there are no polluting emissions and no greenhouse gases from a fuel cell – only water and heat. If the hydrogen is generated by reforming fossil fuels, some greenhouse gases are released, but much less than the amount produced by conventional vehicles. In addition to these benefits, fuel cells could dramatically reduce urban air pollution, decrease oil imports, reduce the trade deficit and produce American jobs.

The Global Warming Score for fuel cell vehicles reflects the upstream greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing the hydrogen used in these cars. Using the current adjustment factors, fuel cell vehicles have a Global Warming Score of 9. This adjustment factor will be revisited at a later date to reflect the newer state of the technology which may lead to an improved Global Warming Score for these cars.
Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen can be produced from many domestic feed stocks, such as natural gas and renewable resources like water, using electrolysis. While the most common method of making hydrogen, using natural gas reformation, results in fewer smog-forming and greenhouse gas emissions than traditional vehicles, California is working to increase use of renewable production sources.

The Global Warming Score for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles reflects the upstream greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing the hydrogen used in the vehicles, therefore you may notice that these vehicles receive a Global Warming Score of 9 even though they are zero emission vehicles. These adjustment factors will be revisited at a later date which may lead to an improved Global Warming Score.

Perks & Conveniences

Fuel cell engines offer a combination of the range of conventional combustion engines with low fuel consumption, minimal or no harmful emissions, low noise emissions, and the comfort of an electric vehicle.


Fuel cell cars are being developed with levels of safety, comfort, and cost comparable to those of a conventional vehicles. Like all fuels, hydrogen has energy and needs to be treated with respect. Because hydrogen is lighter than air it disperses very quickly. Manufacturers are committed to building fuel cell vehicles that meet or exceed safety standards.


As boil off, a process which is difficult to avoid. When the car is not in use for as little as one day the liquid hydrogen begins boiling off. Half the fuel is gone in eight days time. Therefore, this car is actually more efficient on the road than in parked in a garage.
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How students can earn money? There are many engineering students out there in the world who are worried about how they can make money to pay for the expenses of their college fee and accommodation etc. After all engineering education is among one of the most expensive educational degree in the world. Even more expensive if you are studying at some private engineering school, college or university. Many students are always looking for scholarships to continue education and they really face hard times and many rejections in this process.

A few days back, while I was browsing different websites, I noticed an article titled: “How students can earn and make money” and I found it so much interesting and based on facts and reality that I wanted to share it with you guys here at Hello Engineers. This article is a genuine effort towards helping engineering students in earning some extra bucks and money for their education and living.

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Here’s a strategy you’ll like, It’s called Copy>Paste. Now, you can copy top traders’ success! The website provides you with complete training in start for FREE. You can start today and Get The First eCourse Lesson! For those who want to learn a little more about online trading and what it really is. In online trading, we buy and sell commodities (like Gold, Silver, Oil, Gas etc), Currency pairs and stock market shares and we earn profits from variation in prices over time. You see if you trade in Gold, its prices changes every minute.

As the article suggests, you don’t even need to have a credit card for this purpose. You can always use your bank account in any country to send and receive payments via Skrill.

I am quite hopeful that all engineering students will find this article quite helpful for them. I recommend you all to give it a try at-least for once. You will never regret your decision. It will definitely help you all in earning money and making a lot of it.

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Ever thought what mechanical engineering interview questions are asked during interview and
how to answer these questions? Interview is a very tricky part of career of a mechanical engineer. It decides your fate and your future within a few minutes. This is like a real game which you need to play against other candidates applying for the same job. Only those students and engineers win who score highest among others in this game.

Download in Pdf form: Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

So we wanted to help you with your interview. There are certain questions which are very common and are repeatedly asked by many interviewers. After proper consultation with experienced HR mangers, engineering employers, professional mechanical engineers and different professors; we have compiled a detailed list of mechanical engineering interview questions in pdf form. We assure you that 90% of the questions asked from you during interview will be the same.

Always remember that only those students and engineers qualify interviews who prepare for these questions and find answers ahead of their job interview. Never take your interview as an easy task. Be prepared, you will be asked these questions. If you need answers from us about any specific interview questions then simply ask your question on this website and a professional advisor will answer your question immediately.

Download in Pdf form: Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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There are some software which are very basic and common for every engineer to learn. When someone says that a modern day engineer should be well versed with various engineering software, it wouldn’t be wrong at all. As the time is passing in a haphazard manner and survival is only for the fittest in the market, one has to be fully equipped with latest software operating in day-to-day use.

The foremost and most common software package that every engineer rather every common man must learn to use is Microsoft Office. With Microsoft launching repeatedly newer versions of its suite, the necessity of learning the basics increases. Microsoft Word is the most widely tool used for documentation, reporting, grant approval, feasibility reports or even if a small application is to be written for inter-departmental purpose. While talking of transactional study, no tool is in the line with Microsoft Excel which lets you develop spreadsheets and reports with easy to use facilities. Till date no tool has grasped the market share in offices than Microsoft Powerpoint to built slides for presentation purposes. With the inclusion of top down and font effects, you can easily customize your work as per your needs. MS Outlook is also widely used in offices as a source to mailbox configured as per the office requirements.

Every engineering student irrespective of his engineering degree and university is rightly taught the knowledge of computer programming. It is the utmost level of assignment that is instructed to student primarily for the purpose for logic development. It is only after graduation that a student realizes the use of studying programming; you get to know the insight behind the development of a certain object. Hence C/C++ programming is a great software for engineers to learn and ponder upon. It inculcates the sense of constructing something at your own and nourishes an individual’s potential.

AutoCAD is effective and very common engineering software taught at basic level to the junior classes of engineering just to get them hands on experience when they go into the market. People strongly believe that it is a tool dedicated purely to the mechanical and civil engineering intentions; however they do not realize that by designing a project on this applied software, you get to broaden your vision when you make objects as per your imaginations.

Project Management tools such as Primavera and MS Project are a must need tool for every engineer. They let you design a plan for assessing the budget and allocating your resources as per the workload management. With the help of Primavera, a manager can work on improving his team’s collaboration, prioritize project and conduct risk analysis to enhance the earned value management. In the same way, MS Project creates an event based chain methodology to help a manager visualize the effect in a Gantt chart.  Both these tools help effectively in the enterprise project portfolio management.  Above all, every such tool which helps in easing an engineer’s task at a minute level which might make a difference later on in project’s completion.
Every engineer requires engineering Interview tips to perform better during interview. Getting an interview call after numerous attempts and yet failing to rock the employers scorecard is one of the worst thing to happen and can be especially very discouraging if you are a qualified engineer, a profession considered to be lucrative, yet challenging for a person to get into. So here are interview tips for engineers which must be taken care of while being in an interview.

One of my first engineering interview tips is to be fully equipped with what does your target organization do and what do they excel in. Not knowing about the prospect employer is one of the biggest mistakes that individuals indulge in, making him lose the grip on the interview whenever a daunting question comes his way. As a foremost stance, every engineer must try to look for an organization that perfectly matches with his taste and the nature of work being conducted by that firm is relevant to the individual’s study. In most of the cases, after been frustrated or at times just for the sake of applying, people apply at such jobs which are irrelevant to their field of study and interest, ending up by leaving a negative image in the employer’s mind of both the person and his previous educational institute. Hence, the basic priority for an engineer is to hunt for job in his particular field of study and not go for money or any big brand name in a quest to choose his profession.

If you are a fresh graduate right out of engineering university, the biggest plus point that you have tugged under your belt is that you are cheap to the organization with a great level of passion and willingness to complete the assigned task within due time. So, make sure that while in the interview you keep focusing on being a valuable asset to the company by providing them on-time and value added delivery of work. For both fresher as well as experienced engineers, expressing the employers about recent projects undertaken with highlighting of your valuable contribution holds the key. With that being said, be prepare to handle a scenario where the interviewers may give you a similar situation and ask you to handle it gently in order to come to a fruitful conclusion for the company.

At an earlier stage, you might be asked to appear in an analytical examination where both your analytical and academic abilities may be judged. Companies may keep this as a surprise to check an engineer’s capabilities on that, so be sure to have fully read and understood the core concepts of your degree. For instance, if you are applying for an Electrical/Electronic Engineer’s position, try to revise the concepts of Electricity & Magnetism, Circuit Analysis, Solid State Electronics and Digital Signal Processing. Computer Science grads must not forget to read about Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Databases. Key concepts of Thermodynamics, Static and Fluid Mechanics may be of great importance to those applying for Mechanical Engineering positions.

Final but one of the best engineering interview tips: Above all, make sure to ask questions when the employer asks you for it. Avoid asking questions involving salary until he touches the issue himself, but rather try focusing on questions about recent developments in the organization, ask about the creativity and individuality of the work done at the company. Finally be confident to answer about the first small one minute introduction that every employer irrespective of the position they have called upon for asks and be prepared to answer it as per their requirements. Don’t lie and have faith on your self and abilities to clinch the gold.

I hope you will find these interview tips for engineers quite useful and these tips will help you perform better during your interview. Best of luck. Please read How to prepare for first job interview? for more information on this topic if it's your first interview.
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Final year mechanical engineering projects are a degree requirement according to curriculum of bachelors degree in all engineering colleges. Basic purpose behind these projects is to induce practical understanding of the core subjects and courses in students. I encourage all students to take active part in their projects along with their team mates. More than just giving you a practical demonstration into your engineering education, your mechanical engineering project also provides you with training on how to work together in a team and carry out tasks successfully.

The trickiest part of your project in final year is to choose its topic and idea. Many of the subject specialists and professors in your colleges will suggest their ideas and topic for projects. Still many students choose to get their projects done on their own ideas. So I have compiled this short list of final year mechanical engineering projects for you. Only short detail is given about each project idea. If you need more details, please start a separate questions/discussion for your project on this website.

1.    Air exchanger ventilation system for residential garage:
Residential garages usually lack proper ventilation which causes many hazards to the public's health and safety. These hazards may include high temperature, toxic harmful air enclosure, and lack of security to unwanted guests like birds and animals. So being a mechanical engineer you are required to solve this problem and come up with ideas which will help improve ventilation in residential garages. Create a product which is easy to install, and safe to use while increase air exchange inside garage. My idea about this project is to use two fans inside same box and mount them on single motor. Use one fan as inlet and other fan as outlet fan.

2.    Efficient Rotary Sprinkler: Design and manufacture a low cost and efficient rotary sprinkler to be used in irrigation. Your design must be able to pass extensive testing which means almost 500 hours of rotation at 70psi to meet the residential standards, and 750 hours at 100psi to meet the commercial standards. It must also be able to withstand debris testing.

3.    Design a domestic refrigerator: This final year project is the best idea for mechanical engineering students and it’s very interesting. Simply design a small scale domestic refrigerator and test its efficiency for various changes made in design and techniques.

4.    Modify an ordinary bicycle to electric bicycle: This final year project will help you understand many basic concepts involved in machine design and moving parts. Take one bicycle and make some modifications into it to convert it into an electric bicycle which can be charged using a battery and electric power at home.

Keep visiting our website for more details and ideas on projects. Read my other mechanical engineering project ideas for previous topics suggested by me.

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What do engineers do? This is the question which jogs through every young mind. Engineers apply the ideology of science as well as mathematics to build up inexpensive and efficient solutions to technical issues. Their work is the connection between scientific/technical discoveries and the marketable applications meeting public and consumer requirements.

The question arises that what do engineers do? Several engineers make new products. In this process, several factors are considered such as the design’s general effectiveness, price, dependability as well as safety. Such an approach is desired in the fabrication of several different products, like chemicals, power plants, computers, helicopters, and so on.

Apart from design and development, several engineers emphasize on testing, creation as well as maintenance. Such engineers oversee manufacture in factories, find out the reasons for component failure, and test the products to retain quality. The time and cost of projects is also essential. Managerial engineers take care of main components or whole projects.

Engineers employ computers broadly to create and examine designs; to simulate and analyze the way in which a particular machine, system or structure operates; to make specifications for components; and to keep an eye on the quality of the products as well as control process efficiency. Nanotechnology, which involves the creation of high-performance materials and components by integrating atoms and molecules, also is introducing entirely new principles to the design process.

Aeronautical engineers and aerospace engineers design, produce and operate airplane, spacecraft, rockets and missiles. The latest fighter aircrafts and giant transport airline airplanes and the Space Shuttle exist due to such types of engineers.
Biomedical engineers incorporate engineering basics as well as techniques to the field of medicine. They integrate the design and problem solving engineering expertise with medicinal and biological sciences to help get better patient health care as well as the quality of people’s lives.

Chemical engineers do their research on nanotechnology. They fabricate the machines and systems which are employed by the manufacturing of oral drugs and vaccines. In order to become a chemical engineer a very long time period is require.

Now the questions is what do civil engineers do? Civil engineering binds the complex processes together. Civil engineers work for military reasons and also for civilian ones. They construct bridges, roads, dams and several kinds of buildings. Civil engineering is required in almost every walk of life; professions such as municipal engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering and structural engineering.

Systems engineers combine technologies and ideas from several fields and backgrounds to in order to formulate fresh ideas as well as materials. Systems engineering techniques get employed in multifaceted projects: ranging from spacecrafts all the way to chip design, from robotics to producing big software products to constructing bridges. A plethora of tools is employed comprising of modeling and simulation, arrangement to manage big, complex projects and requirements analysis.

Ever thought what do mechanical engineers do? Mechanical engineers carry out several tasks. They assemble engines as well as mechanical structures; delightful park rides, bascule bridges, and a lot other stuff comprising of tires as well as air condition systems. They ought to have experience in several departments comprising of structural analysis, mathematics, material science as well as electronics.

Electrical engineering is the study of electronic items and devices, like power sources, as well as electromagnetism. Domestic electrical engineers keep on studying thoroughly, the manner of installing various components as well as a variety of power software in businesses and homes from most important power plants. Software Engineering as well as Computer System Engineering are both associated with Electrical Engineering.

There are several departments of engineering. All types of engineers incorporate their scientific knowledge and ideologies in designing, testing and operating various inventions. I hope this blog will give you a little glimpse of what do engineers do in their daily life routine.

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What is the role and status of engineers in the society? Engineers are often perceived as the cool guys. People who have all the time in the world to work on the projects that will some day benefit us all. This belief is some what more common in the Asian countries where engineering happens to be a very respectable and highly ranked profession. Now this may sound rather unwelcoming to the readers, but it is a fact that engineering is not just confined to the walls of development and research. It has a deeper meaning that entails an engineer to certain responsibilities.

To save us some valuable time we can easily assume that an engineer's role is only to build new things that will benefit the society in the times to come. And so indirectly we are assuming that an engineer is merely a social servant whose sole aim is to serve the people that live around him. And this situation is not new to us. For years we have pondered over the status of engineers in the society. Inevitably the engineers have played an important role in the modernization and industrialization of our society. Even today they are perceived as neutral experts and are highly esteemed in many societies.  

But the role of an engineer is not over. The respect and fame which an engineer enjoys throughout his career come with certain responsibilities that can never be forsaken. People expect engineers to speak out when it comes to education. An engineer should be very keen to impart quality education to his country men. It doesn't mean that engineers should open schools but an engineer should look towards the ways that can make education better. There is a great reliance to solve education problems through technology and engineers should contribute to that technology to make things better in the field of education.

An engineer should work for the betterment of economy. Now some engineers often rule this theory out by considering it absurd. They say that an engineer is never related to economy. This is some thing that has been hard coded into many esteemed engineer books. Well approaching such arguments might need some technical low level details. An engineer is good with numbers with the economy of a country made up of numbers. It is just a mere thought that an engineer can be very good in economics if given provided proper instructions. So if engineers of today take active part in the world economy, they can do wonders; this idea is being endorsed globally now that engineers can be very good with the management skills. 

There continues to be no restriction to what engineers can do to make this society better. Engineers have always played an important role in all societies. Although we don't have many engineers as role models yet they enjoy a respectable position in our modern societies. The key point is that an engineer should understand well his/her role in the society and should strive to make this world a better place to live in.

Hence, the article reviews the status that engineers enjoy in our modern societies and the responsibilities that come with this status stating that how actually engineers can make this place a better place to live in.  
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A complete guide on "How to Find Engineering Internships". Internship acts as a corner stone in the quest of an engineer's professional career. It provides an engineering student real world learning platform to experience and gain relevant knowledge and skills necessary to get into a particular field of interest.

It is always a good practice for engineering student to look out for such an internship which matches well with the student’s area of interest. Every student, regardless of the class he studies in, has one or more segment in studies which he gets to explore by delving and constantly indulging and researching over it. While being at university, the best source of fetching information is the course instructors, who after seeing a student’s extra involvement in a specified domain refer him/her to study books and journals. With the access of digital libraries in almost every university now, a student can easily search for the relevant material required for a thorough understanding of the matter.

Once a student is able to locate what he aims to do in the near future, he should then look around by consulting teachers, senior students and web portals about the future growth opportunities in that realm. Internet is a student’s best friend for every resource that he may needs to fulfill his mission. Internet is the best tool for students to find engineering internships abroad.

Building an attractive entry level resume showcasing the engineering degree you are enrolled in is the prerequisite for finding an engineering internship matching up your taste. Students must reach out for effective resumes of senior graduated students who passed out with optimal learning abilities and are placed at reputed organizations as a guide while developing their own. With the ever increasing demand of finding a good internship leading to quality jobs, many good universities have introduced Industry-Academia offices which act a bridge between the current students and industry personnel. Career and job fairs at regular intervals, usually before the commencement of summer vacations are arranged by the administrative bodies of the institute where prospect employers gets to meet the young talents of the universities, both in the shape of interns and employees. Moreover, coaching facilities if available must be availed on steady basis by the committee in charge for the aforesaid purpose. University’s alumni are a dandy source for the current students while reaching out for internships and jobs. Not only do they inform the younger ones about the opportunities available but also refer them wherever possible, hence maintaining a healthy relation and keeping in touch with them always come handy.

As of a survey conducted by The Times newspaper, it is potent to note that those students who possess the experience of undergoing an internship have a higher rate of employment than those who do not indulge in any during their educational degree. One of the very obvious mistakes that engineering students general do is to restrict themselves to a single company. The firm may be looking for a better candidate or has different internal criteria which you do not meet and just totally relying on it may ruin your chances of getting an internship, hence it is a wise strategy to identify your interest and then look out for organizations who excel in the are you wish to work at.

However, the key of finding engineering internships is solely dependent upon the stream a student chooses to adopt while studying engineering.  It is recommended that every university going student experiences at least a single internship before stepping into the arena of job as it is a fruitful way to nurture yourself up, prepare for the tough time lined up in real world and get a path from where you could build on your professional career.

I hope this article will help many future engineers in getting better internships. Here at, we are trying our best to address common issues and problems faced by students during their four year engineering education. More blogs and articles are coming soon. If you have any questions in mind, then do not hesitate to ask those questions on this website.

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