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Engineer vs scientist - Difference between an engineer and a scientist - “I always wanted to be an engineer. And today as I see the magnificent artifacts that have been created by me I feel so lucky that I landed in a profession of my choice”. Well these are the words of a random person who happens to be an engineer by default. And believe me if he were a scientist, he would have said the same thing. And so the hot point is: we really never know what makes an engineer different from a scientist.

Ironically people differentiate scientists from engineers by the level of personality they own. Engineers are often regarded as cool people with highly paid jobs who have nothing to do in the world but to make all the important decisions. Scientists on the other hand are regarded as the hapless people who spend most of their lives with lab rats thinking over the issues that have nothing to do with a common man. This is the main reason most students want to take up engineering as the future profession although they never realize that engineering is a multifaceted endeavor and they will have no exposure towards it until the end of the high school. And this happens to be the most important reason that most people never realize that a scientist and an engineer are indeed very different with different aims and indeed different priorities.

Differentiating engineering from science is a matter of how we look at the two professions in the real world. An engineer’s priority should be to take up real world challenges and complete them in real time so that people may get the desired results and benefits. So in a way, we can regard that an engineer is closer to the common man than a scientist. It is just an opinion not a well established fact. A scientist on the other hand should have the insight to perceive the upcoming future. And that is the fun part. A scientist mostly lives in a virtual world full of random and abstract thoughts that combine to form a solution. An engineer on the other hand lives in a real world that we all can see and feel. And that is the main reason that most of the work done by the scientist does not become inevitable at once.

Engineers often argue that their job is more innovative than the job of an average scientist who has to live with a bunch of lab rats all day long doing nothing. Well this perception is absolutely wrong. Inevitably engineering is a very versatile profession but innovation is just a part of it. A scientist on the other hand lives merely on innovation. Working in a virtual world is no easy task which requires loads of innovation in store.

Sometimes it is very difficult to draw a clear boundary between the two professions. Both have contributed immensely towards the development of this world. And it would be true to say that both are the wheels of the same car. Instead of discriminating them, we should try to bridge the two professions so that the world can really see what happens behind the scenes. I hope this article gives you a good idea about difference between an engineer and a scientist.

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By Jazib Saeed Khan
Added Nov 15 '14



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