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Should I join diploma classes aerospace engineering?

I'm a bcom student but I have always been disliking my stream because I wanted to take science. Now i am in bcom 2nd year i am 19 year old and now im thinking to take 3yr diploma cource in mechanical/aerospace engineering so is this my right decision ??

I always wanted to be a aerospace engineer and do researches.
Since many universities just need a degree to do MS so I was thinking to continue my bcom degree and also diploma together, (I would give more importance to my diploma than).

Then I would do MS in aerospace engineering because then I will have knowledge about this cource.

Here in India diploma has not have much scope and jobs salary are pretty low, so i will study in Canada or US to pursue my dream I need some guidance help me :(

We have ranked top 50 best engineering universities, colleges and schools. This list is compiled by our team of experts, professors and engineers using various resources available on internet, comments by students and recent graduates. Another important factor in this ranking is the “acceptance rate” for admission in engineering courses. Engineering Programs with low acceptance rate are ranked higher. Funding, placements, research and location were other deciding factors in compiling this list of top 50 engineering universities, colleges and schools.

We have tried our best to present these rankings very carefully based on facts and figures without any discrimination or favors. All visitors are advised to check details about engineering programs in these universities by visiting website of each college. We have judged all these world class universities across all of their core missions - teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

1.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology- United States
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the best engineering and technical universities in the world. MIT is ranked # 1 by all ranking providing institutes and organizations since last many years. The institute has earned a name due to highly valuable research findings and projects carried out at this institute. Another reason for its staying at the top is the highly capable and world’s best faculty and teaching staff at the institute. In 150 years, MIT has produced more than 70 Nobel laureates, eight of whom are members of its current faculty. From its 168-acre Charles River campus, more than 10,000 students are instructed in architecture and planning; engineering; humanities, arts and social sciences; management; science; and health sciences and technology.

2.    California Institute of Technology- United States
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is 2nd best engineering institute in the world. On average, more than 98% of graduate students offered admission at Caltech are offered a package of merit-based financial support that pays all tuition charges and provides them with a stipend. Institute has earned its name due to research, citations and teaching staff. Caltech alumni include movie director Frank Capra, who graduated in 1918, but its 124-acre campus predates nearby Hollywood. More than 30 Caltech students have won Nobel prizes, and one alumnus - Harrison Schmitt - has walked on the Moon. Home to Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it has a faculty of about 300 teaching around 2,000 students.

3.    Princeton University- United States
Who does not know about Princeton University of United States? Princeton University has one of the lowest acceptance rate in country. Recently admitted students had over 550 on the GRE verbal portion and over 700 on the GRE quantitative portion with scores varying across departments and programs. At the heart of American academic life since its charter in 1746, Princeton is one of the smallest of the private Ivy Leaguers, but can boast more than 30 Nobel laureates among its past faculty and alumni. Its 500-acre campus accommodates around 5,000 undergraduates and 2,500 postgraduates overseen by more than 1,100 academics. University has earned its name by industry income, teaching staff and citations.

4.    University of California, Berkeley- United States
UC Berkley goes at number 4th ranking in top best engineering colleges in the world. Over the past decade (2000-2009), the National Science Foundation awarded more Graduate Research Fellowships to UC Berkeley students than to those of any other university (MIT was 2nd; Stanford 3rd; Harvard 4th). Vitamin E was identified here, a lost Scarlatti opera found, the flu virus identified and America's first no-fault divorce law drafted. A gold-rush by-product, the university by San Francisco Bay was chartered in 1868. To date, more than 20 faculty members have become Nobel laureates. Today's student body consists of about 36,000 members, more than 10,000 of them postgraduates.

5.    Stanford University- United States
Next on the list of best engineering universities, colleges and schools is Stanford University. For Mechanical Engineers..The pay ranges for recent graduates from the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering is between $60,000 and $98,000, with a median salary of $74,483. Founded in 1891 by railway tycoon Leland Stanford in remembrance of his son, who died aged 16, Stanford is said to be, after Harvard, the US' most selective university, accepting around 7 per cent of applicants. Its alumni founded corporate giants including Hewlett-Packard and Google. The world's third-richest university, it teaches about 7,000 undergraduate and around 4,000 graduate students.

6.    University of Cambridge- United Kingdom
University of Cambridge is ranked number 6 in the world and is situated in United Kingdom. Cambridge alumni loom large in the making of the modern world: Newton on laws and motion; Rutherford splitting the atom; Darwin on evolution; Turing's prototypical computer; Crick and Watson with DNA. Founded in 1209 by Oxford scholars who quit after a dispute with the local citizenry, Cambridge now employs more than 8,500 staff and has over 18,300 students.

7.    University of Oxford- United Kingdom     
If we ask someone anywhere in the world to say the names of some best universities in the world. He will probably never forget to mention Oxford University. This is the name which has fixed in every mind. Twenty-six British prime ministers, at least 30 other world leaders, 12 saints and 20 archbishops of Canterbury have been Oxonians. Oxford virtually invented college life in the 13th century. The world's third-oldest surviving university offers approximately 12,000 undergraduates a choice of 38 colleges and six permanent private-residence halls.

8.    University of California, Los Angeles- United States
University of California is ranked at position 8 among Top 50 Engineering Universities, Colleges, Schools. During the 2009-10 academic year, 52% of UCLA undergraduates received financial aid (including student and parent loans); average award was $17,008. Close to Hollywood and with a celebrated film and television school, UCLA is a cinematic magnet. Established in 1919, it has about 26,000 staff and around 38,500 students. A leader in college athletics, the institution comprises five undergraduate colleges, seven professional schools and five health science schools.

9.    ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich– Switzerland
You don't have to be Albert Einstein to study here - every Swiss citizen who has sat the Matura (matriculation) is eligible - but it doesn't hurt. ETH Zurich (heir to the Federal Polytechnic Institute, set up in 1855) now teaches around 15,000 students in 16 faculties. Einstein received his diploma here in 1901. ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich is ranked among top 10 best engineering and technology institutes since last many years. It has maintained this rank due to high profile teaching staff, students, research projects and citations. It has one of the best international outlooks compared to other top 10 universities.

10.    Imperial College London- United Kingdom
With an emphasis on research, Imperial has four faculties - medicine, natural science, engineering and business. Founded in 1907 as a constituent college of the University of London, it became independent in 2007. Its main campus in London's museum quarter and seven others house more than 1,200 scholars and around 13,000 students.

Other institutes in the list of top 50 best Engineering Universities, Colleges and Schools are as follows:

11.    Georgia Institute of Technology - United States     
12.    Carnegie Mellon University - United States     
13.    University of Texas at Austin - United States     
14.    University of Michigan - United States     
15.    Cornell University - United States     
16.    University of California, Santa Barbara - United States     
17.    University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - United States     
18.    University of Toronto - Canada     
19.    National University of Singapore - Singapore     
20.    École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - Switzerland     
21.    University of Tokyo - Japan     
22.    University of Wisconsin-Madison - United States     
23.    Delft University of Technology - Netherlands     
24.    University of California, San Diego - United States     
25.    University of Melbourne - Australia     
26.    University of Manchester - United Kingdom     
27.    University College London - United Kingdom     
28.    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Hong Kong     
29.    University of Minnesota - United States     
30.    École Polytechnique - France     
31.    Tsinghua University - China     
32.    University of California, Davis - United States     
33.    University of British Columbia - Canada     
34.    Pohang University of Science and Technology - Republic of Korea     
35.    University of Sydney - Australia     
36.    Pennsylvania State University - United States     
37.    The University of Hong Kong - Hong Kong     
38.    KU Leuven - Belgium     
39.    Purdue University - United States     
40.    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - Republic of Korea
41.    Rice University - United States     
42.    Ohio State University - United States     
43.    Technische Universität München - Germany     
44.    Peking University - China     
45.    Brown University - United States     
46.    University of Queensland Australia - Australia     
47.    McGill University - Canada
48.    Kyoto University - Japan
49.    University of Waterloo - Canada
50.    Nanyang Technological University - Singapore

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Software engineering vs computer science – what is the difference? The discussion between Computer Science and Computer Software Engineering has been on the head from a long time now, with many professional yet to clearly distinguish between the two. One of front most distinction between the two lies that Computer Science being a very wide domain, inculcates within the studies of various knowledge domain with Software Engineering being one of it.

Computer Science incorporates the basic science of computing hardware and software, with a primary focus on study of theoretical foundations of computation and their implementation of different applications of the computer system. Software Engineering, on the other end combines the effect of computer science inquiry with engineering methodologies and practices. It helps in effective building of such system software that uses a rigorous engineering approach.

Software engineers tend to be prepared to conceive and prepare enhanced and complex software, important to the industry with a cost-efficient and quality solution in a productive manner. They focus on application of a quantifiable and systematic approach towards the development and operation of software using basic software development lifecycle methodologies. Whereas Computer Science, being the study of algorithmic processes and philosophy concerns the affect of the product being designed under Systems, Networking, Databases, Artificial Intelligence or Computation theory.

Software Engineering has its focus more inclined towards designing practices of engineering software using the Software Development Lifecycle process, rather than relying only on coding through various programming languages. It involves practicing of huge, consistent and economical software by the application of engineering.

Computer Science does not restrict an individual over the choice of profession he may wish to adopt. Being a broader field than Software Engineering, it allows a person to choose any line of his interest from Networking, Programming, Designing or developing hardware applications, primarily due to the nature of courses taught during the course of studies. A misperception prominent in the mind of many continues to be the fact that choosing Software Engineering as a profession only leads to being a Software Programmer and nothing else is left for such a person to do. However, after completion of courses a software engineer may go into Software architecture and design, Requirement analysis and specifications, Verification and Validation, Quality Assurance and many other Software engineering practices as being the need of time.

Despite of the above discussion, there exists not hard-and-fast rule about the nature of courses one studies and the type of job he does after that. It all depends on a person’s caliber and his interest as to where does he end up after concluding the studies. The bottom line remains the fact that both the disciplines are equally good and rewarding in the end.

These resume tips for engineers which I am going to mention here are compiled after a series of interviews with many experts in the field. I got a lot more appreciation from students about my article on "six tips for writing an effective engineering resume", so i thought i shall write another version with latest tips and techniques. Resumes are often the foremost step to let an employer know that you are the right candidate to be called upon for an interview. The biggest mistake the candidates usually make is to forward one ready-made resume sample to every employer, without editing it according to the job description. Each job has its own nature and a different necessitated skill set for which a single resume once made does not match, hence constituting in a non productive outcome. To ensure that your resume is not skimmed around but read thoroughly by the prospect employer, a resume should be properly furnished and well set as per the job detail and description stated by the employing body.

The statement of your objective is a clear indication to the employer about what you intend to accomplish and indirectly your worth to the company. A statement which should not be long enough then two lines must give the employer a heinous idea that you are the candidate he is looking forward to hire. It is highly imperative for a candidate to have a well prepared resume which is free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes as it constitute to a potent first impression. It should be cross checked through peer review to avoid any serious blunder and verbosity.

An engineering resume must vividly depict candidate’s blend of technical as well as managerial skills. To achieve the said goal, it is a good practice to add a technical and/or managerial summary of your areas of expertise under a skills section. You can always break this section into further subcategory for a rapid scan concerning the knowledge of programs and application you cognize well in.

If you are a fresh graduate right out of college or university, two of the most agile tools that you posses to get the eyes of the recruitment manager get stuck to are your academic projects and related work experience. Work experience which may come in the form of internships or any coursework projects done with the affiliation of an industry are weighed high while you apply for a certain post. A candidate must always mention the internships done with a brief description of what work was he/she involved and tools or software which made the project successful. Similarly if an industry collaborated project was undertaken, mention the industry title and the capacity with which it was done. Make sure to highlight the semester or coursework projects or assignments which were down that cope up well with the job requirement, because mostly the hiring managers look for a candidate’s aptitude which is judged by the projects he/she had been involved in as their aptitude determines their attitude leading to a roaring attitude. Avoid unnecessary details and remember to mention all the work in reverse chronological order, stating the latest job done at the top. Read my article on resume tips for recent graduates for more tips for fresh graduates.

Using magical words are developed, formulated, designed, enhanced efficiency, productiveness, monetary savings add more spark to your resume and are noted in the initial go. It gives the employer a sense of curiosity to know more about the person and ways from which company may exhibit productive shades from him. If the job you are applying for is not your first job, try writing about such assignments that made you stand out from the crowd, look around for the ways that helped you do jobs efficiently in low budget, since organizations always look for cost effective solutions which could result in maximum profit at their end.

Moreover, keep your resume positive and enthusiastic. It must represent what you actually are and what you did. I hope these resume tips for engineers will help many engineers in making their resumes look better. If you are looking for an example resume or sample format of engineer resume in pdf form, you can downlaod it from sample engineer resume and format.

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How students can earn money? There are many engineering students out there in the world who are worried about how they can make money to pay for the expenses of their college fee and accommodation etc. After all engineering education is among one of the most expensive educational degree in the world. Even more expensive if you are studying at some private engineering school, college or university. Many students are always looking for scholarships to continue education and they really face hard times and many rejections in this process.

A few days back, while I was browsing different websites, I noticed an article titled: “How students can earn and make money” and I found it so much interesting and based on facts and reality that I wanted to share it with you guys here at Hello Engineers. This article is a genuine effort towards helping engineering students in earning some extra bucks and money for their education and living.

Idea which is proposed in this article works pretty well. Me and some of my friends are already earning huge profits working on this idea. Basic idea is to invest in online trading. You can start with as low as USD $20 as well. All you need to do is to create an account on this Forex Platform - Get up to $1,000 Free Bonus and start Trading!. Because you are not at all experienced in trading, so we recommend you to copy other traders in start. That means you will be copying some expert traders in start and you will be earning continues profits on daily basis from their trading activities. It costs you nothing to copy an expert trader.

Here’s a strategy you’ll like, It’s called Copy>Paste. Now, you can copy top traders’ success! The website provides you with complete training in start for FREE. You can start today and Get The First eCourse Lesson! For those who want to learn a little more about online trading and what it really is. In online trading, we buy and sell commodities (like Gold, Silver, Oil, Gas etc), Currency pairs and stock market shares and we earn profits from variation in prices over time. You see if you trade in Gold, its prices changes every minute.

As the article suggests, you don’t even need to have a credit card for this purpose. You can always use your bank account in any country to send and receive payments via Skrill.

I am quite hopeful that all engineering students will find this article quite helpful for them. I recommend you all to give it a try at-least for once. You will never regret your decision. It will definitely help you all in earning money and making a lot of it.

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Engineer vs scientist - Difference between an engineer and a scientist - “I always wanted to be an engineer. And today as I see the magnificent artifacts that have been created by me I feel so lucky that I landed in a profession of my choice”. Well these are the words of a random person who happens to be an engineer by default. And believe me if he were a scientist, he would have said the same thing. And so the hot point is: we really never know what makes an engineer different from a scientist.

Ironically people differentiate scientists from engineers by the level of personality they own. Engineers are often regarded as cool people with highly paid jobs who have nothing to do in the world but to make all the important decisions. Scientists on the other hand are regarded as the hapless people who spend most of their lives with lab rats thinking over the issues that have nothing to do with a common man. This is the main reason most students want to take up engineering as the future profession although they never realize that engineering is a multifaceted endeavor and they will have no exposure towards it until the end of the high school. And this happens to be the most important reason that most people never realize that a scientist and an engineer are indeed very different with different aims and indeed different priorities.

Differentiating engineering from science is a matter of how we look at the two professions in the real world. An engineer’s priority should be to take up real world challenges and complete them in real time so that people may get the desired results and benefits. So in a way, we can regard that an engineer is closer to the common man than a scientist. It is just an opinion not a well established fact. A scientist on the other hand should have the insight to perceive the upcoming future. And that is the fun part. A scientist mostly lives in a virtual world full of random and abstract thoughts that combine to form a solution. An engineer on the other hand lives in a real world that we all can see and feel. And that is the main reason that most of the work done by the scientist does not become inevitable at once.

Engineers often argue that their job is more innovative than the job of an average scientist who has to live with a bunch of lab rats all day long doing nothing. Well this perception is absolutely wrong. Inevitably engineering is a very versatile profession but innovation is just a part of it. A scientist on the other hand lives merely on innovation. Working in a virtual world is no easy task which requires loads of innovation in store.

Sometimes it is very difficult to draw a clear boundary between the two professions. Both have contributed immensely towards the development of this world. And it would be true to say that both are the wheels of the same car. Instead of discriminating them, we should try to bridge the two professions so that the world can really see what happens behind the scenes. I hope this article gives you a good idea about difference between an engineer and a scientist.

What is the role and status of engineers in the society? Engineers are often perceived as the cool guys. People who have all the time in the world to work on the projects that will some day benefit us all. This belief is some what more common in the Asian countries where engineering happens to be a very respectable and highly ranked profession. Now this may sound rather unwelcoming to the readers, but it is a fact that engineering is not just confined to the walls of development and research. It has a deeper meaning that entails an engineer to certain responsibilities.

To save us some valuable time we can easily assume that an engineer's role is only to build new things that will benefit the society in the times to come. And so indirectly we are assuming that an engineer is merely a social servant whose sole aim is to serve the people that live around him. And this situation is not new to us. For years we have pondered over the status of engineers in the society. Inevitably the engineers have played an important role in the modernization and industrialization of our society. Even today they are perceived as neutral experts and are highly esteemed in many societies.  

But the role of an engineer is not over. The respect and fame which an engineer enjoys throughout his career come with certain responsibilities that can never be forsaken. People expect engineers to speak out when it comes to education. An engineer should be very keen to impart quality education to his country men. It doesn't mean that engineers should open schools but an engineer should look towards the ways that can make education better. There is a great reliance to solve education problems through technology and engineers should contribute to that technology to make things better in the field of education.

An engineer should work for the betterment of economy. Now some engineers often rule this theory out by considering it absurd. They say that an engineer is never related to economy. This is some thing that has been hard coded into many esteemed engineer books. Well approaching such arguments might need some technical low level details. An engineer is good with numbers with the economy of a country made up of numbers. It is just a mere thought that an engineer can be very good in economics if given provided proper instructions. So if engineers of today take active part in the world economy, they can do wonders; this idea is being endorsed globally now that engineers can be very good with the management skills. 

There continues to be no restriction to what engineers can do to make this society better. Engineers have always played an important role in all societies. Although we don't have many engineers as role models yet they enjoy a respectable position in our modern societies. The key point is that an engineer should understand well his/her role in the society and should strive to make this world a better place to live in.

Hence, the article reviews the status that engineers enjoy in our modern societies and the responsibilities that come with this status stating that how actually engineers can make this place a better place to live in.  
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Why mechanical engineering is the mother of engineering and other departments. Because initially two engineering field only were founded in 18s century. They are military engineers and civil engineers. The military engineering is again classified into two types they are mechanical engineering and automobile engineering. But most of the subjects are depart from mechanical engineering only. Also the mechanical engineer will get more physical knowledge more than other engineers. Each innovation will need some mechanical part in it. Nobody can deny this truth. Being proud to be a mechanical Engineer.
Which engineering field or branch is the best to go into? Building up a career in the extremely lucrative and fascinating field called “engineering” is a challenging job. With the advancement of technologies various engineering fields are also developing fast. It is imperative to explore them since there are numerous branches such as information technology, computer science, and mechanical, civil, electrical and so on. As an engineering contender several fascinating branches of engineering exist which may be pursued. It’s essential to know the most appropriate specialization to choose based on appointment opportunities being offered. The top-rated best engineering fields and branches comprise of:

1) Computer Science Engineering
2) Mechanical
3) Electrical
4) IT and communications
5) Mathematics and computing
6) Electrical
7) Civil
8) Chemical
9) Manufacturing engineering
10) Aeronautical Engineering.

Almost every engineering field has some business aspect attached to it, plainly for the reason that you happen to be a company that delivers a product to a client. However, regardless of the fact to what extent your career choice appears to be non-business-related, at a particular level you will be dealing with quite a lot of business. So then which engineering field or branch is the best.

Electrical engineering calls for the top-most mathematical skills (Calculus, numerical analysis, Differential Equations, and so on). It also consists of a highly theoretical physics (clearly, because electrons are too small to spot). You need not worry; engineering is predominantly related to applications, and you don’t have much to do too much with theory. Electrical engineering comprises of electronics like programming, mobile phones, computers, communication systems, stereo systems or power transmission like power lines, power plants, substitute fuel sources and so forth). Electrical engineering is an incredibly wide, progressive field, but plenty of it comprises of highly advanced theoretical applications.

Mechanical Engineering focuses on whatever thing comprises of moving parts such as power generators, cars, factory lines, robots. It makes your scope much broader as compared to electrical engineering. Mechanical engineering is known to be more theoretical as compared to civil engineering; however the concepts are large enough to be grasped in your palms and be visualized. Mechanical engineering is tremendously enthralling and possesses plenty of opportunities. It’s one of the best fields in engineering without any doubts.

Aeronautical engineering is an exceptionally absorbing field.  It is an engineering branch dealing with designing, operation, construction and mechanism of airplane and spaceship.  Nowadays there is plenty of scope and enhancement in Aeronautical Engineering.  It is a vastly lucrative field which promises to offer professional development. An aeronautical engineer’s work is rather challenging.  In this inventive field of engineering an individual’s manual, technical skills as well as ability is tested.  To start a career in Aeronautical Engineering an individual has to have a B.E/B.Tech degree or no less than a diploma in aeronautics.  

Not many universities offer geological engineering specially and there aren’t too many experts. However, this serves as a great opportunity to excel in this field because the competition is little. Be conscious about the fact that the geological engineering is often thought to be a division of civil engineering (known as geo-tech), so you should not be taken aback if you fail to find many colleges offering degrees in “geological engineering”. A graduation in civil engineering with a focus on geo-tech mostly suffices.

I hope this article gives you a general idea and introduction about different branches of engineering and now you will be able to find that which branch of engineering is the best for you.
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